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Use Free My Menu to update your printed menus and Free My Menu instantly updates your website!

Free My Menu is FREE!

To help the hospitality sector in these uncertain times, Free My Menu, is FREE.

Disposable / Contact Free Menus

Free My Menu is ideal for printing disposable paper menus. You can even print menus tailored to a customer's allergy requirements.

To reduce contact between front of house staff and customers, customers could view your menus on their phones - just let them know that the menus on your website are the same as the printed menus in the restaurant!

Works with your existing restaurant website

We've taken great care to make sure that menus supplied by Free My Menu will fit into your website without any problems.

Menus work great on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

If you need help adding your menus to your website please contact us.

Unlimited Menus, changes, updates and printing

There are no limits on the number of menus, sections or items. Create as many as you need!

You can also hide menus to save them for later without deleting them. This means you can build up a bank of menus which you can "unhide" as and when you need them. Hidden menus can be edited, printed and previewed as normal, but they won't show up on your website.

You can make as many changes to a menu as you like.

You can print as many menus as you like. The only limit is the amount of paper in your printer!

Boost your SEO - Search Engines love FMM

Menus in image files can't be read by search engines and PDF or Word documents aren't much better.

Free My Menu adds menus to your website so that they are visible to search engines such as Google.

This means that when people search online for restaurants with particular dishes or drinks, they can find you.

Helps you comply with food allergy regulations

Free My Menu gives you an easy allergen process to help comply with food allergy regulations - a number of restaurants have built their allergen process around Free My Menu.

When you enter your menus into Free My Menu, you have to provide allergen information for each dish or drink.

If the item does not contain any allergens then you have to take a positive action to indicate this.

The correct allergens are then clearly displayed on your menu, ensuring that you always have proof of compliance.

No more website "sample" menus

Sample menus are frustrating for both you and your customers , but customers love up-to-date menus. Free My Menu updates your website automatically whenever you change your printed menus. No more waiting for PDF menus to be uploaded!

In fact, it's so quick and easy to use that some restaurants are even using Free My Menu to put their Specials boards on their website!

Fully compatible with WordPress sites

Free My Menu is fully compatible with all Content Management Systems (CMS), such as Wordpress and Drupal.

Automatically hide special event menus

Free My Menu keeps your website up-to-date by allowing you to pick when special event menus should be automatically taken off your website.

This is ideal for special events such as Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas and New Year.

Manage more than one restaurant

Free My Menu supports multiple restaurants. To add one, just click the Add a New Restaurant button on the Restaurants page.

Or, if you prefer to keep things separate, create another Free My Menu account for your other restaurants.

Customers love up-to-date website menus

The dining experience starts on your website. Our interactive menus give your customers an unparalleled level of customer service before they even set foot in your restaurant.

The way people search for restaurants has changed. Over 70% of diners want to see up-to-date menus on their phones before visiting a restaurant. Free My Menu makes your menus work on mobile in a way that images and PDF files can't.

Drinks menus with Free My Menu

Free My Menu provides menu styles for wine lists as well as food menus.

You can also specify the allergens in drinks (since they’re covered by food allergy regulations too).

Filtered menus for allergies and diets

Filtering a menu takes seconds as demonstrated in this video.

Click the Print Allergy/Diet Menu button, select the appropriate allergens and Free My Menu instantly generates a menu containing only items that are suitable for someone with those requirements.

Duplicating Menus

With Free My Menu, you can make a new menu based on an existing menu in two clicks.

Multiple Menu Styles for Web and Print

Printing a menu is very different from displaying the same menu on your restaurant's website. Free My Menu splits menu styles into web and print so they can be adjusted independently.

With Free My Menu, it's easy to tweak the appearance of your menu, from fonts and colours to spacing and page size.

New Features?

If you've got an idea about a feature you'd like Free My Menu to have don't hesitate to contact us.

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