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Save paper and reduce contact between staff and customers - ask them to use their phones to view your up-to-date menus!

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  • Automatically update your website whenever you change your printed menu
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  • Reach customers on phones or tablets
  • Create as many online menus or wine lists as you like

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Free My Menu will save you time: update your printed menu and your website will be updated before the paper has come out of the printer!

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The way people search for restaurants has changed. Over 70% of diners want to see up-to-date menus on their phones before visiting a restaurant.

When consumers search for a restaurant, the #1 thing they want to see is an up-to-date menu.

Keep your printed menus up to date

  • Save money and be more flexible by printing your own menus
  • Print a menu specially for those with allergies
  • Update prices quickly for the whole menu, a section, or an item
  • Respond to changes in supply costs as they happen
Free My Menu printing interface

Personalise the dining experience

  • Let online customers instantly see food suited to their diet with easy to use filters
  • Provide staff and customers with the allergen information required by EU regulations
  • Print a menu for vegetarians, vegans or those with allergies
  • Raise front-of-house service to a whole new level


[Ce] Celery (and Celeriac), [C] Crustaceans, [E] Eggs, [F] Fish, [G] Gluten, [L] Lupin, [M] Milk, [Mo] Molluscs, [Mu] Mustard, [N] Nuts, [P] Peanuts, [Se] Sesame, [S] Soybeans, & [SD] Sulphur Dioxide
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